Becoming a sponsor for the IEEE/ACM BDCAT2024 and UCC2024 conferences is a unique opportunity to enhance your brand’s prominence and validate your commitment to advancing the fields of Big Data Computing, Cloud Computing, and Ubiquitous Computing. Your support is crucial in elevating the quality of our conferences, allowing us to implement the latest technological innovations, attract esteemed speakers, and increase the diversity and number of attendees. This collaborative effort is vital in fostering a rich, multidimensional conference experience that benefits both the academic and industrial communities.
This year, our conferences are centered around critical and innovative topics within Big Data and Cloud Computing, including but not limited to:
• Advances in Big Data Models, Algorithms, and Architectures
• Innovations in Cloud Services and Infrastructure
• Developments in Edge and Fog Computing
• Security, Privacy, and Ethical Implications in Big Data and Cloud Environments
• Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI Technologies for Data Analysis and Cloud Management
• Sustainable and Green Computing Models for Big Data and Cloud Systems
• The Future of Ubiquitous Computing in Everyday Life
• Emerging Trends and Challenges in Data Science and Cloud Computing
We are eager to connect with organizations and individuals who are at the forefront of these areas or have a deep interest in shaping the future of technology through Big Data and Cloud Computing.
For more information on the advantages of becoming a sponsor of the IEEE/ACM BDCAT and UCC conferences, or to explore the sponsorship opportunities in more detail, please reach out for access to our detailed prospectus.
For further discussions, please contact the Conference Co-Chairs:
Prof. Fatih Kurugollu (FKurugollu@sharjah.ac.ae)
Prof. Ashiq Anjun (aa1180@leicester.ac.uk)
Prof. Abbes Amira (aamira@sharjah.ac.ae)